Social Networking

Building a Firm Foundation
...for your Online Presence
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Your clients and competitors are connecting with each other and searching for you online. What will they find?
Building Blocks Social Media specializes in basic social media application setup and strategy. If you need help, but want to work with someone who won't make you feel intimidated, try us! Ask for your complimentary 30 minute assessment.

Everyone is at a different level of competency when it comes to computers, internet, and social media so we feel individual consultation is the key to your success.

Let us bridge the gap between your rolodex and your online brand! We help professionals who are realizing that social media is not going away and are ready to embrace the brave new world of web 2.0. We build a firm foundation of knowledge and strategize a realistic plan for you, your organization, or your event.
Your attendees are tweeting about your meeting! Do you have sufficient resources to create buzz, monitor feedback and keep attendees engaged?
Your attendees want to learn about social media. Are you offering sessions or hands-on training?
Year Round Service
One Year of Social Media Consultation

We will provide up to six (6) telephone consultations (up to one hour each) throughout the year. You may use this benefit for a wide variety of reasons including but not limited to: clarification of new social media platforms and how they may apply to you, discussing planning strategies or changes, seeking advice about the consequences of particular actions or inactions on various social media platforms.

Consultation may also include Skype, Google+ Hangout or other online platform.

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